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Dentures in Arlington Heights

Partial and complete dentures are used to replace missing teeth so that you may restore a healthy and complete smile. Dentures will provide a stable chewing surface to help you eat and speak more effectively. They also will improve the appearance of facial sagging by providing support for your lips and cheeks.

senior couple laughing at swingset

Improve Your Dental Health

Dentures improve the quality of your smile as well as providing many dental health benefits. When teeth are missing, it can cause remaining teeth to shift or possibly damage surrounding tissue in the mouth. Missing teeth can also increase the risk of tooth decay or periodontal disease as it becomes more difficult to clean thoroughly between mal-positioned teeth.

Smile Confidently

Dentures provided by our Arlington Heights Dentist will allow you to smile more confidently, chew your food more easily, and improve your overall dental health with dentures. If unexpected tooth pain or an accident have you suffering, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 847-392-4422 at your earliest convenience!