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Pre and Post-Op Instructions

General care instructions following dental procedures:

  1. Proper Care of Blood Clot: For one hour, maintain gentle pressure by biting on the gauze sponge that has been placed over the surgical area. If needed, replace gauze with another as provided.
  2. Do Not Rinse or use a mouthwash for at least 48 hours, but brush carefully.
  3. Pain: Following dental surgery, discomfort should be controlled by the medication prescribed. Follow the directions. If pain persists, simply call us here at the office. Your comfort is important to us.
  4. Toothbrush: Use it carefully but thoroughly. A clean mouth heals faster.
  1. Eating, Drinking, and Smoking: Avoid alcoholic beverages, and avoid smoking until healing is well established. Adequate food and fluid intake following surgery is important. Do not consume liquids through a straw. If your regular diet is too difficult, you may supplement it with liquids. Should you find yourself unable to chew solid foods of any kind, call us.
  2. Avoid All Excessive Activity: Do not do things that will raise your blood pressure. Go home and lie at 45-degree angle, but not below.
  3. Sutures: If sutures were used in your treatment, be sure to return for their removal on the appointment given.